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Monday, February 13, 2012

What a weekend!

Doesn't my weekend look like it was fun? It was...

We attended our second play party at Xpressions. We scened twice. The first time was a nice little spanking over a bench. A nice little warm up, a nice little touch.... I wore this cute little grey and pink business skirt and a grey vest with a sheer black shirt underneath, perfect to show off the sexy red and black bra I bought for Daddy for V-day. Plus my pink and black 4 inch heels... We left the bra and little underskirt on for most of the scene...

After, we gave ourselves some time to cool down. We waited on a space to clear.. It didn't look like it was going too... but then... Daddy asked some people that were just hanging out to move so that we could.... Well you can see the picture.... It was fucking fantastic... Add to it the fact that it stings (like a BITCH) anytime I move my neck... And well.. You can imagine that I've been in subspace for a while now.... Everytime I start to drop I/we do something to make it hurt again and down down down I go.

Yesterday we spent some time working to help move Xpressions from the old location (oh the party on Saturday night was the last one in that space, what a way to say goodbye) to the new, much much bigger space. It felt really really good to be involved in my community. So my next post will be about just that... Submissive involvement in the community....

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