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Monday, January 02, 2012

For you...

You're asleep in my bed, curled around pillows, snuggled under blankets. I just couldn't nap. Too many things circling in my head. I envy your peacefullness, not just now as you sleep, but in your every day life. You never panic, never show worry. You center yourself and become an unshakable, unmovable object. I guess its the balance thing. You help calm my quakes of emotional turmoil that I always seem to be in. Even as I admire your ability to do it, I worry that it won't last. See? constant. You inspire me, heal me, give me the freedom to be everything and anything that I am. Its amazing. I've never ever ever been happier.

You are my hero, superhuman. Fighting for me, fighting for us, here to save me just in time.

'Cause without you I'm a disaster
(The moment you go)
And your my ever after
(Just thought you should know)
'Cause I need to know your answer
(Just say you'll stay with me)
I want you to say your gonna stay with me
(Just say you'll stay with me)
I die every day that you're away from me

If the world ceased to spin,
You could start it again
with just one smile
If the seas turn to sand,
With the wave of your hand it would rain for miles
But the thought of you gone
Makes everything wrong in my life
So stay right here, right now

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