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Friday, January 20, 2012

First Tradition of the House of Reason

I accept the responsibility for discovering what pleases my Master and will do my best to fulfill his wishes and desires.

This is a very fundamental thought for me as a submissive. It is my responsibility to discover what makes my Master happy and to do it. A 'yes Sir' when requests or demands are made of me, from fetching drinks and food, to acting as a table or kneeling. The basic desire to please a dominant is a standard for a submissive. A submissive being extremely different from a simple masochist. A masochist enjoys pain being inflicted on them, usually for sexual pleasure. A submissive to me serves a Dominant, seeks to please Him (or her as someone's case maybe). Pleasing him, serving him, is more often than not, not really an option. I don't mean that if i dont please him, i will lose him (though that would more than likely be the eventual outcome), or that he would punish me (though he would). It is a basic need for me as a submissive. I need to please him, with out that purpose for me, for my life, i become lost. Like i said, basic.

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