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Thursday, November 17, 2011

D/s vs M/s

this is part of a conversation I am having with another submissive... Just thought I would share it here..

D/s vs M/s

You are correct about D/s being a bit more open to the submissive's point of view. But more than that... I find that Masters (especially those that use Ms as an excuse to take advantage of someone or abuse them) are less concerned with their submissive's needs and well being. They might care for the basic needs of a slave the way that one would meet the basic needs of a tolerated pet or need vehicle. Food, shelter, etc. but they usually have very little consideration for a slaves emotional or mental desires. They may choose not to talk to a slave, or have sex with a slave, or allow the slave to come, ever, etc. They may limit the slaves ability to contact with others, even the Master himself via eye contact restricts, speech restrictions, what have you. Slaves are expected to offer up no argument, no sign of protest at this kind of treatment. Their dreams are not taken into consideration. They are property, typically no more cherished than anything else of use in the Master's world. And if they are no longer of use, they are no longer a slave. Not all M/s relationships are so cut an dry. Many Masters show affection or loyalty or love toward a slave. The motivation here, if you ask a Master who will answer honestly, is about the Master's happiness, or his pleasure. Some will say that a girl behaves better with affection, or is more loyal, or whatever. The Ms relationship is less about control, and more about consideration and motivation.

D/s.... B.always says that a true Dominant has the hardest job because He is always willing to put the needs of His submissive before His own. Yes, He holds the control in the relationship, and His submissive works to please Him. Her mind is always on Him. It is because of that that He must always keep her in mind. There is exchange of love and caring that goes both ways, instead all the focus being on one person. There are always varying degrees of control in D/s relationships, as different submissives have different needs. Dominants that are worth their salt (as He is), increase or decrease the amount of control they take in the submissive's life to allow the submissive to reach her true potential. It is the duty of a Dominant to seek out submissives that have great potential with in them to be the best submissive for that Dominant.

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  1. Interesting food for thought. I am not in the "BDSM" world, but rather in a religiously-based fully submissive marriage in which my husband is the master of our home (we have 9 children together) and I found you when seeking out blogs about women submitting to their husbands. I do not know where our relationship would fall in your description - He is my master in that I do his bidding, no questions asked (with few exceptions). It is my job to fulfill his needs and desires and he is my spiritual leader. But I do not feel like a slave, except perhaps to G-d.