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Friday, November 25, 2011

Bucket List

1. Get a tattoo. COMPLETED
2. Have a piece of my writing published.
3. Laugh until i cry.
4. Ride a motorcycle. COMPLETED
5. Ride a gondola in Venice.
6. Sell something i created.
7. Travel to 3 new states (missouri, colorado, texas, kansas, and new mexico don't count)
8. Visit a national park.
9. Go to an amazing concert. COMPLETED
10. Make a true best friend.
11. Host a diner party.
12. Meet someone famous.
13. Visit another country.
14. Fly.
15. See an ocean.
16. Learn to ride a bike
17. Take a cooking class.
18. Find myself beautiful.
19.  Go canoeing…
20. Make a difference in someone's life.
21. Go tubing
22. Get my degree.
23. Stay up all night to watch the sunrise.
24. Make humus. COMPLETED
25. Stay at a bed and breakfast.
26. Take a single tail without freaking out.
27. Go horseback riding along the beach.
28. Forget to worry for one day.
29. Learn to ski.
30. Act in a play.
31. Learn how to bootblack. COMPLETED
32. Get involved with a charity organization.
33. Become fluent in French.
34. Fight for something I believe in.
35. Make OJ from scratch. COMPLETED
36. 1 semester of straight A's.
37. Win a game of Chess without cheating.
38.  Learn to play the guitar
39. Go to a jazz club in New Orleans’ French Quarter.
40.  Learn to Salsa
41. Get copy of the Art of French Cooking.
42. Cook at least 15 recipes for AFC.
43. Vote for President. COMPLETED
44. Create a self Portrait.
45. Eat Sushi. COMPLETED
46. Scuba dive.
47. Go on a cruise.
48. Learn to speak another language.
49. Buy a Steel boned corset.
50. Visit the Wreckage of the Titanic.
51. Ride in a hot air balloon.
52. Swim with dolphins
53. Visit: the San Diego Zoo
54. The Grand Canyon, Az
55. The Northern Lights
56. Big Basin Redwoods State Park
57. Yosemite National Park
58. Stonehenge
59. Parthenon
60. Sistine Chapel
61. Art Institute of Chicago

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