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Sunday, November 27, 2011

For the future

Though I have posted some thoughts here, a conversation with another submissive, I have yet to post anything personal. I think I have been a little afraid to go down that path at the moment.

See, part of the reason why my relationship ended was negativity. He says that I am too negative, always depressed, never happy. There is some truth to that. It is not that I am never happy. I just have a hard time expressing that happiness. And with him, he was my safe space. I felt comfortable enough to release my frustrations, my fears.

So despite the end of that relationship, I am working on expressing my joy, my thankfulness, my inner smiles...
I also plan on using this blog as a way of getting to know myself better, so you can expect to see some personality profiles coming in the future, lists of goals (like my bucket list bellow). Exploring myself as a woman, as a submissive...

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