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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wants Needs and Expectations

  • This girl wants
  • Time spent on her knees, on the floor, at your feet, or just generally in a place below you.
  • To experience impact play on a regular basis.
  • Orgasms that stem from physical interaction

  • This girl needs:
  •  Attention, both sexual and nonsexual.
  •  To be able to serve and give attention, both sexual and nonsexual.
  •  Affection beyond sexual attention.
  •  Time without interference to reset and recoup
  • To understand her place in your life and in our relationship.
  • To feel secure in my status
  • To be able to communicate with honesty without being judged
  • To have fun and participate in hobbies that I enjoy
  • To experience pain and pleasure in equal amounts
  • To know your wants, expectations, and desires
  • For you to communicate honestly with me
  • Clear enforced rules within our relationship
  • To have an equal say in life changing decisions
  • To have all parts of me acknowledged

  • This girl expects
  • To be kept informed of others in your life and changes to those relationships.
  • That you will not be totally open with her in your communication, knowing what is best for her in certain moments
  • That there will be times when the world outside of D/s will interfere with the idyllic world we have built.      

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  1. wow! Feels like I wrote it myself! (but without the effort =P)
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