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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Part 1

I paced the hotel room anxiously. The bells on my ankles jingled with each step I took, a quiet reminder of my submission. I paced naked, and I was waiting on my Master's arrival. He had arranged the hotel in advance, and sent the key to my office that afternoon, along with detailed instructions on preparing for the night. I was shaved very smooth, every inch below my chin. My hair was left loose, hanging to my hips. No make-up, no clothing. Just the dainty silver bells on the dainty silver chains, sitting around my ankles.

He was bringing someone, I was sure of that. A woman. Fantasies involving another woman had dominated our sexy conversations for a long time now. It was the only real reason for the hotel room. A way to keep it anonymous, to keep her a stranger from us. I didn't need to know who she was, it didn't matter. I would do whatever he told me to do with her, or to her. Or nothing at all.

I glanced over at the clock. 2 minutes to go. I walked over to a chair in the corner and sat down, my back arched and legs spread, displaying myself as the letter had told me to do. My hands were on my thighs, palms up, opening and welcoming. The door lock clicked and my breath caught in my throat.

She was beautiful. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a braid, but it hung to her to the middle of her back. She had dark, piercing eyes, forcing me to swallow around the lump of air in my throat and look away from her gaze. She was dressed in all black- a tight black halter top with a black leather mini-skirt. And oh! the boots. Her boots laced up her calves, spiking a heel 4 inches tall. They shined in the light, and I felt myself grow a little wet. My tongue darted out between my lips and I heard my Master chuckle.

"See what an eager little slut she is?"

She wasn't a stranger to us. She had been bartending for us for months. She was a flirtatious little slut. The men in the bar drooled over her, stumbled over themselves to be closer to her. She was good for business, and she knew it. I was blushing, ashamed that someone that worked for me would see me this way, would know what licking boots did for me, how slutty I could be.

She didn't say anything, just walked over to me and shoved the tip of her leather boot against my wet cunt. I stayed very very still, awaiting permission. Awaiting an order. Waiting for... anything....

"Kiera!" My Master's voice penetrated my brain sharply. My eyes snapped to him. He was stretched out in the other chair, naked. His cock stood like a pole waiting for a dancer. I already knew that wouldn't be my job.

She backed away from me so I could stand. I began to undress her. I peeled away her shirt. Her breasts were perfect, still perky, with large dark nipples. Her stomach was flat, her belly button pierced...

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