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Monday, March 28, 2011

You Own Him

When you snug­gle closer
and purr in your sleep,
you are his kitten
When you kneel between his legs
grace­fully accept­ing the band around your throat,
you are his girl
When you squirm across his lap,
your tush rosy red and tin­gling with inti­macy,
you are his brat
When you rub your­self all over him
leav­ing liq­uid passion in your trail,
you are his slut
When you devour him deeply, pleas­ing him,
solely there for his enter­tain­ment,
you are his whore
When you growl and strain against your leash,
hump­ing his leg for release,
you are his bitch
When you surrender to his strength, his power,
when you sac­rifice your body on the altar of his desire,
you are his prey
When you stay still, quiv­er­ing, unspeak­ing,
your only pur­pose to be used, to be mounted,
you are his female
And still…
When you melt into his arms
and lean your head against his chest
and whis­per quietly,
“I am yours”
At that moment,
you own him.

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