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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day Three: Ten Things You Hate

1. Squishy things in my mouth. Like soft boiled eggs, squid legs, and jello... Squicks me out

2. Promise Breakers. Dont make promises to me if you don't know for absolutely certain you can keep it.

3. Parents who expect libraries (or any other public place) to babysit their children or who refuse to discipline them... Throwing a tantrum in a restaurant or grocery store is not just a phase and is not appropriate behavior.

4. Socks and shoes... I'm a barefoot girl if i can help it.

5. Writer's block... Its like seriously the worst thing every.

6. People who expect to get more out of a relationship than they put in, romantic or otherwise

7. Heavy lip liner that doesn't wear.

8. People who don't silence their phones in a theater.

9. Shitty service at fast food places. You only have one job. Fucking do it.

10. Abusing animals.

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