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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day Two: Ten Things You Love

1. My Master, of course.

2. My computer. Its my connection to the entire world most of the time. My access to music to movies, to love. It is my space to vent to discover to hide.

3. To cook. I love pouring my heart and soul into something and seeing the 'yum' look on people's faces. I love doing it the old fashioned way- hand kneading and such.

4. Music. It expresses so much of my life. It can pull me up or let me suffer or let me scream.

5. Handwritten letters- so much better than type and email.

6. Roses- especially mini rose bushes, as long as i don't have to garden them. My thumb is black.

7. Sex... Well duh....

8. Mentos fruit mints


10. Blue eyes and long hair

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