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Friday, November 19, 2010

Day five: ten wishes

1. I wish that my mom would be happy... and by happy i mean really happy with a house that she loves and without my shitty step dad dragging us all down.

2. I wish that my grandmother would speak to me again.

3. I wish that my brother's second marriage works a whole hell of a lot better than the first.

4. ... Daddy J gets full custody of his son without having to wait until March.

5. that our credit cards weren't all maxed because of the bar.

6. that my car was running.

7. that i get to see my family on Thanksgiving without winter storms interfering.

8. that the people i love the most experience true happiness.

9. that i can remember the things in life that make me really happy and...

10. that i have the courage to seek them out.

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