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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day six: ten things you can’t live without

1. My cell phone. I have unlimited minutes and texting. It's a good thing cause i'm never off the phone. I talk to my mom, Master, Daddy, friends etc throughout the day, several times a day.

2. My computer. Its my life line. Its how i get to talk to Daddy most of the time, and Master Asha and Naya. I'm a partly online student, and the accounting for the bar is on my computer. Its also my recreation (LOTRO!!!) and my entertainment for movies, music, and missed TV shows.

3. A bottle or glass of something to drink- usually juice or water. Hydration is important cause of my kidney disfuntion

4. A place to express my creativity- pencil and paper, a blank screen or canvas.

5. Music.

6. chocolate- I'm not sure a day has ever past without a touch of chocolate in it.

7. Dominance- i am a submissive, my will craves to bend, my heart craves use. Without dominance, how do i exist?

8. Good food (usually homemade).

9. Quiet. As much as my day is busy and filled with the phone and music, even i need a break.

10. Warm blankets, but not the fuzzy kind and a soft pillow

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