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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Monday was my birthday and it went mostly unnoticed. I said i wanted low-key, and thats exactly what i got. Master and i went and saw Inception (which is one hell of a Mindtrip, btw) and did a little shopping because i needed some shirts for work and he needed some shoes. Stopped on the way home and had a drink with one of his friends. That was pretty much it. Last weekend i went to visit my parents and my dad gave me an electric skillet and my sister bought me a new set of pots and pans. Monday they didn't even bother to call. Neither did my brother... Normally i wouldn't think too much of it, just move on and accept that i need to lower my expectations of my family, but i've been feeling so very off center lately anyway. which is why i haven't come here to write. It's hard to make my mind focus on any one thing, even typing is difficult because my fingers try to type multiple words at once. Having trouble sleeping at night too because i just can't shut down.

Next blog will be about Domestic Servitude, as it won the poll...

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