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Wednesday, July 07, 2010


I can't sleep. Master went to bed a couple of hours ago, and i'm still awake... And still am kind of unsure what to post here. I'm sitting here in the office, listening to the sound of the rain on the roof. Bed sounds nice, cuddled next to Master, but i can't sleep, and as he was up at 5am, i don't want to wake him. Tomorrow i'm sure i wont wanna get up, but i don't have to work, so i'm not sure i care. I reorganized the cupboards and the refrigerator, but haven't touched the dishes. I will do them before i go to bed, but for the moment, i thought i would catch up with a friend or two that i have been neglecting...

On other news, the number of people that actually read my blog has decreased, mostly since i stopped writing pornish entries. and to those people i say "FUCK OFF" my blog is not made for you to get your jollies off. It really creeps me out, the idea of some guy reading my blog to jerk himself, ya know? I mean, i guess it's kind of complimentary, in a freaky sort of way... and here i claimed to be open minded... but... i don't know... thats not what i want my blog to be for. I want to help all the newbie subbies like i was once (and still kinda am). ughhhsksdflkja

bye for now guys and gals, and dont forget to VOTE!!!

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