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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Under the weather...

I'm feeling a bit under the weather today, physically and mentally. I feel like i just can't keep up with certain things going on in my life. I feel sluggish. At the same time, i am ready to jump ahead in a few areas, ready to move, ready for my school to start, ready for the Tulsa side of my life to really begin. The things i want to move forward are stuck, waiting on time to pass. The other things are falling through my fingers like water.

I know i just saw him Sunday, but i really miss Master. I want to serve, to be of service, in the most domesticated sense. I am afraid of the pain, not craving the sex, but desiring to serve, to please in a more... DD sort of way i guess? *shrug*

*yawn* time for a nap i think...


  1. Get well soon! :)

    Take care,
    Baby Girl :)

  2. Hope you feel better soon!



  3. Aw. Sorry to hear you are feeling yucky. *hugs*