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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Alone in the Dark

Master and i went to a party on Saturday night. It was very small, about 8 people of the expected 30. We haven't been to a part since January i believe, so i was nervous and excited. The first hour or two was just hanging out and a class called 'Stagecraft for Perverts' which had some good funny parts. Afterward, we had the little scene that i will describe below. I'm just going to post the details of the scene here, then i will in another post, i will describe its affects, as it has changed my mindset.

At the play space there is this table, about waist high on me (3 feet maybe?) with two posts on the front that are about 5 1/2 foot tall. The front has a little grove cut out of it, and its topped with vinyl. Master told me to strip, and i was glad to get out of the 3.5 inch heels he had made me wear that night. I had already unpacked the toybag, so he had no trouble find the ankle cuffs. He chained and locked my ankles to the rings at the tops of each post, so that my legs were spread up in the air. Then he locked my wrists to the sides of the table. So here i am lying on my back, naked, spread like i'm at the gyno's office. There's some gothy creepy music playing, and a little gas space heater turned out, so Master turns off the lights. The walks out of the room, closing the door. Thats right. He chained me up and left me all alone!

Now secret of secrets, i'm a bit afraid of the dark, and more afraid of being helpless in the dark. But thats what he did. He made sure i couldn't escape and left me. i tried to be calm, at first, but the longer he was gone, the more panicked i felt, twisted and pulling at the cuffs (to no avail), whimpering in the dark. It felt like 20 minutes, though he says it was only about 10, just long enough to smoke a cigarette.

The rest of the scene is a bit of a blur. I remember candles brought in by our hostess, crying out as the hot wax dripped on my body. I remember the host bringing in ice cubes, being encouraged to touch me. I remember biting at him, trying to kick him. I remember feeling something sticking to my chest as Master pulled it off (lots of plastic wrap i later learned as i cleaned up), i remember admitting that i was helpless, that He had all the control. When he took the chains off, i remember asking him to leave the ankle cuffs on. Which he did, as well as the wrist cuffs with a chain between them.

The rest of the night is fuzzy as well, there was much talking, and friendly, before sleeping in his arms at home


  1. Sounds really intense... I look forward to reading your thoughts on how it changed your mindset. :)

  2. I can see why you're still trying to collect your thoughts and why things might still be a bit fuzzy for you...looking forward to more!

    Take care,
    Baby Girl :)