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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tantalizing Tuesday

I struggle for breath around your cock down my throat. I struggle against your hands in my hair, but they just pull tighter as you thrust again and again. You stand in front of me, towering like a god in my vision as i kneel. You hold my head still as you work against my throat, ignoring my gagging. Finally you release my hair, throwing me back against the floor as you release me. You kick your pants of quickly and drag me into a bow, and force yourself into my dripping cunt. This is not a struggle, not working. You slide in easily against my tightness just because i'm so wet. You fuck me then, long hard strokes, ignoring my cries, ignoring my begging, running over that sweet spot again and again but never allowing me permission to cum. You're hand wraps in my hair again, pulling me back, on to hands and knees, the other hand on my hips, holding me steady against you. Your thrusts become more erratic, more primal, and you growl at me as i try to look at you. I am not your girl now, i am just the flesh for you to use. I am my Master's slut and exist only to please him.


  1. i totally know this feeling and i love it just as much as making love to my Master - sometimes a girl just needs to be used