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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Master!

Today is Master's 29th birthday. I came to spend the weekend with him and promised a weekend that he could just chill out, so the days were mostly spent reading and relaxing around him as he played Star Trek Online. We did go to a used book store in the next major city, a bought a few new to us books, some of the Terry Brooks ones. I made him a blue cheesecake (just colored it blue, his favorite color), and Pia made him brownies. All very low key.

Tonight it is back to my apartment and i hate to go. This place is home now, here in my Master's house, next to his feet, or in his bed. I cannot wait to move. I know i have talked about the struggles that i have felt in dealing with the distance, and i feel the need to spend a moment to express my love and gratitude to my Master.


I know we struggle sometimes with the physical distance between us, but through it all i try to remember that we are struggling for eachother's happiness, and FOR our relationship. When i touch the collar around my neck i remember always, our love and commitment for each other. I am so very happy to be yours.

I love You always.
Your slave

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