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Saturday, January 23, 2010

There once was a princess trapped in a high tower guarded by an evil the witch who used the princess to lure men into the so that she could suck out their souls. Everybody knew that this princess was stunning and very submissive by nature, and that her heart would be won by any man strong enough to get past the evil witch. The evil witch wore all red leather and struck out at people with her long whip. So one day, the handsome prince of a far away kingdom decides that he can take the princess as his bride, and take down the evil witch, maybe keep her as his concubine. He rides his horse for a long time to reach the tower. As he rides closer, the sky darkens, and the ground turns to the color of dried blood. Just as he rides through the forest surrounding the tower, he meets a huge beast, all teeth and claws. Undaunted, the prince hacks into the beast with his sword, never bothering to leave his mount. He rides his horse up to the edge of the mote surrounding the castle and dismounts. As He looks up, he spies the beautiful princess looking down from her window, breasts all but falling out of her tight corset. This gives him motivation as he ponders how to cross the mote. He decides to attempt to swim, even though the water is murky and he is unable to see how deep it is. The prince strips and bundles up his clothing, then steps into the water. The moment he touches the water, a great sea monster stirs under the surface, prepared to eat the prince. The prince, now caught without a weapon, in the water, must use his training as a Master to conquer this foe. He sets his face to the stern look- used to make even the most rebelious quiver and shake. The monster, hesitates, recognizing the look of a Master, the same look he gets from the evil witch. This hesitation is enough to allow the prince to step back on the shore then to jump on top of the great beast and slide down its back to the other side of the mote. The beast, shocked, returns to its hiding place deep in the mote, in hopes of escaping punishment from the evil witch. The prince grins broadly and redress, striding arrogantly up to the tower, but can find no door. He looks around for a few minutes but finds no entrance or bell to ring. Ever the demanding prince and Master, he stares at the castle, puts on his best stern look and speaks. "Open tower, this instant or i will cut a hole in your wall." To the amazement of the princess watching far above, the tower wall gaves way, quivering like a virgin on her wedding night. The prince strides in only to be greeted by the evil witch. Her whip hung at her side and her leather shone as if freshly polished. Her long black hair was braided at her back. She made a move to her whip, but the prince was faster with his. he wrapped that whip around her arms and pulled her to her knees in front of him. Quickly unlacing his pants to shove his long cock down her throat, to silence any protest. Taken by surprise, the evil witch did as any woman would do, confronted with such a man. She sucked. The evil witch, knelt to the prince and sucked his cock until he shoved her away. There she stayed, frozen with her shame, that she was so easily distracted by the man. The prince climbed the stairs of the tower to the princess's room. He threw open the door and found the princess kneeling on the floor in the middle of the room, brushing her long red hair, breasts mounded at the top of a tight, dark blue corset. As he entered, the she bowed before him, casting aside the hairbrush. Her long red hair fanned out around her.

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