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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Puppy Space

Since finding myself in submission, i have come into contact with several other parts of me that i was unaware exsisted. I am a sadomasochist, a little, and a puppy girl. I'm trying to take some time out to write a blog about each, and have decided to start with the part that i have discovered most recently: the puppy girl.

Of all the things about myself, i understand this the least. I am not into beasitality, i don't even really like dogs all that much. And yet, i run around on all fours, bark, beg for treats, and believe i'm a lapdog. I see the submission in this aspect of myself, as i can be trained and am loyal to my owner, waiting for his commands and obeying him. There is no sense of time, or decency or any other human idea. There is play, fun, sleep, toys, food, water, and Master. I am Missy. I am a playful puppy. I like to chew on things that go squeak or play tug of war (sometimes even with Master's socks!). I love to curl up and sleep at my Master's feet, but most of all I like it when he pets my head. It makes my world a better place. *woof*


  1. i love puppy play! But i have an 'arf', not a woof. i'll never forget the first time i was ordered to bark. i didn't want to. i was so shy about it. He forced me to and out popped my 'arf'. i expected a 'woof'. :)

    Great post!


  2. fantastic brooke! i adore your blog, and now that i think about it, my typical bark is more an arf than a woof *giggle*