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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sixth Tradition of the House of Reason

I will be obedient to my master even if I disagree with what he is requesting. I realize he has my best interests at heart and often knows better than I what I need in a particular situation.

In the book Slavecraft by a grateful slave with Guy Baldwin, slave talks about what he calls the principle of obedience. This is the same thing. It is the essence of submission, of slavehood. he states "For slaves, our obedience determines what can be enjoyed. It determines our self-esteem and pleasure. It connects us. It gives us purpose. It protects us. It validates us. i have come to believe that obedience is the very spirit of slavery; it is the special charisma of slave creatures. Obedience is the structural steel of our slave identity, and the spine of a slave's conviction." And yet, i struggle, as i think we all do at some point.
Dominant's push us. They find our resistances and seek to break through them. They want our obedience to become instinctual, just as much as we do. There have been times in our relationship that my Master has asked things of me that i had previously thought i could not do. And we have struggled together to work past my inner resistances and in doing so, i have become more and more his. My obedience to him becomes more internal. i don't just do as he asks or demands, but i understand why he wants the thins he asks of me. Yes, sometimes it is just to please him. Sometimes it is to show off his training of me, sometimes it is about respecting other dominants.
My obedience protects me. I am doing 'right' if i am being obedient, whether i am obeying a direct order or keeping in mind the traditions and ideals that he has of submission. I am doing 'wrong' if i am disobeying or disappointing him. Yes, some of the thing that he has demanded or asked for have been wrong by society standards. But i am doing right as long as i am obedient.
I am sure that there will be occasions when i outright disagree with something my Master has demanded of me, even though nothing comes to mind at the moment. I hope that when this time comes i will keep in mind that he often knows what is best for me better than i do, and that i will trust this and follow his orders.
Obedience is, after all, mostly about trust. I must trust that my Master would not order anything of me that you harm me physically, emotionally, or mentally. i have to trust that he would not endanger my job or my relationships with family or friends. I must trust his judgement.

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