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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pen Pal

I sometimes think that i was born at the wrong time. I have always adored the 1950s household. Male supremacy, cute clothes, stay at home PTA soccer moms that have dinner on the table when their husband got home, quiet generally well behaved children, manners and etiquette taught in schools, beautiful cars, and people wrote letters. No emails. No computers. Barely TVs. I appreciate my computer- it is how i met my Master, and how i record my thoughts here in this blog and has exposed me to so many different things in life, including the lifestyle- so please don't miss understand. But i sometimes feel that the art of penmanship and letter writing has been lost. I want a pen pal. I want to stamp an envelope and put it in the mail and wait for a reply. I want pretty stationary and flowing fountain pens. Know what i mean?


  1. I would offer to be your pen pal but I don't know what we would write about. I'm not in the life or anything (I found my way here from libby's blog). Also, my penmanship is, well, unreadable is an understatement. My hands don't work well and often even I can't read what I wrote. For snailmail I use a service called L-Mail. So, if you don't mind reading typewritten letters and corresponding with a middle-aged hermit, just let me know and I'll send you my address. If you need references search libby's blog to see the kind of comments I do. You can also check my blog to see what I sometimes write about.

    And, as always, feel free to ignore me. I won't mind. :-)

  2. I agree wholeheartedly. Our modern society has given us countless conveniences, but at a price. We've lost the beauty of taking the time to do things well, even the mundane daily things.

  3. @Joe- Well my Master and i were hoping to find a female submissive for me to comsierate with, but i will pass along your offer.