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Friday, October 02, 2009

Third Tradition of the House of Reason

I will be responsive to my Master. I will not hide what my mind and body are feeling so that i my assist my Master in his responsibilities as my authority. I realize that my Master is not a telepath, and will not expect my Master to know thoughts or feelings which i do not share.

I'm fairly easy to read, emotionally, with my heart always on my sleeve. I may try to hide, but for someone who knows me, these attempts are usually useless. Still, i have a tendency to say 'i'm fine' when asked what is bothering me, or to cover up pain and sickness. I often refuse to disclose my thoughts and fears, my anger or frustration, until it is either too late or everything comes out in an explosion of discontent. Not only is it hazardous to my mental and physical health to both hide and explode in rage, but it is also hazardous to relationships. I don't think that anyone really enjoys being blindsided by an emotional 2x4.
Hiding what my body is feeling can, in extreme cases, cause serious physical injury. A Dominant may scene harder than is healthy for a submissive if he doesn't know that she is suffering from a health issue. Here is an example. If you are a dominant that has not been told the medical history of the submissive you are playing with, you could be aware that she has blood sugar issues. During an intense scene, her blood sugar drops, heart rate and breathing slow and she falls unconscious. Time is wasted in panic and then 9-1-1 is called. This could have been avoided with glucose tablets, which raise blood sugar quickly. In this situation, the blame lies with both parties. The girl obviously should have communicated with the dominant she was playing with. However, i believe it just as important for the dominant to ask any potential playmates about medical issues, as for a submissive to volunteer the information. Master of Reason, for example, took note of my medical history before we ever played seriously. It keeps both of us safe.


  1. I like what you have written - It is so spot on and is one of the problems that always have to deal with in a BDSM based relationship.

    The need for total honesty is always present and hiding feelings can be devasteting. It is hard to "re-learn" things you have from prior vanilla relationships and it takes some getting used to and hard work - But once there, then the BDSM relationship is all rewarding.

  2. That's a good point that all medical information should be shared before a play scene starts. That was a cautionary note that should be heeded by all.