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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fourth Tradition of the House of Reason

I will give my gift of submission only to those that can responsibly accept and desire to receive. I will not place anyone in a position of Topping me non-consensually, nor will I give my respect to someone who has not earned it.

In the past year of finding my self as a submissive, and of searching for a Master, i stumbled across a lot of people with varying degrees of knowledge and experience. i belong to several websites, both vanilla and lifestyle based, and received many messages from all types. At first, i was flattered by all the attention, and would read emails with a innocent sense of hope. My perception of the shining knight on a horse had changed, but not the desire to be swept away. But the more messages i receive, the more disappointed i was. People were rude, and couldn't spell. But beyond that, i found many fake "Doms" that initially sounded good but were even more unknowledgeable about the lifestyle than i was. While i'm sure they had given many floggings online, very few went further than that. Most also expected perfect submission to them upon the first interaction. Since then, i have come across other 'dominants' undeserving of respect and submission, at least from my view point. One woman i had wanted to scene with, months ago. Then, at a party i watched her drink (several shots and a few beers) then scene with her submissive.I watched him cry, and watched her push him even further. I lost all respect for her that night. I think all of this can ber flipped and applied to submissives as well. There are as many fake submissives and wanna be slaves as dominants and Masters.

The second part of this tradition is about forcing submission on someone who doesnt really want it. A few examples come to mind for me. The first is something i have done. Shortly i discovered the lifestyle, i was dating a vanilla man that i cared for very much. i tried to introduce him to the things that i wanted, tried to force a paddle in his hand so to speak. I want to submit to him and wanted him to hurt me in all those fun ways... I learned in the end, however, that we were simply not compatiable in that respect. Another example i have seen. A girl i knew once was exceptionally clingy to a master that would not collar her. She nagged and goaded him into scenes, refusing to, or unable to, realize that he had no interest in her. And far from the scene pleasing him, serving him, he just wanted to get it over with.

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