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Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Professor

The Professor is my little nick name for Him. Yes, it applies, as He does teach at a college. But at the same time, calling Him the professor raises some horny school girl in me and visions of time spent bent over a wooden desk earning my A comes to mind. No, no, don't get the wrong idea. i still belong to Master and that isn't changing any time soon. The Professor may be... what to call it? a playmate? a supplemental Dom? One more drug dealer in my addiction to being touched and spanked? All of the above? Master and i are discussing the Professor borrowing me.

Already He has kissed me. And had access to my lower lips. He escorted me to lunch today and spent a little time, toying with my clit (would have made me cum if i had been allowed, but stopped when i told Him that that was breaking the rules) and later fiddling with my smart balls, feeling them inside me. He pressed gently on my secret place too, but i told Him that was new and not something Master had done yet. It caused quite a reaction in me, by the look on His face.

It caused a strange reaction in me later, when telling Master what happened. When i got to that last part, it dropped me on my ass hard into little girl mode. It was like telling a grown-up what another grown-up did to me. Or that naughty little boy at school. Don't get me wrong, on some level, i liked it, it did feel good. But Master owns my ass most of all. i think that is because it is the spot on my body that involves the most submission from me. Enemas and anal plugs aren't my favorite things, and Master watching me or demanding them from me, really is a demand. It is not something i would do on a very regular basis without request from an outside source. i do like a little anal play now and then, though.

i do like the Professor. He's very handsome. And has very nice hair. And is sweet and listens when i talk. But just like Master, He is very Dom. Very present. He commands attention from me without demanding it. He could be real trouble... Real fun trouble... >:D

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