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Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Punishment List


Sleeping on the floor instead of in my nice comfy warm bed..

A written explanation of why my actions were wrong or inappropriate, why they were displeasing, how i will avoid or correct this behavior in the future

Denial of something i enjoy such as watching a tv show online, talking to You, wearing panties, sweets etc

An enforced lights out time, no computer etc after a certain time (like after W/we talk).

‘Fond of Writing” program

Ignoring me for a set period of time

Being forced to walk around my apartment naked.

Being forced to sleep with clothes on.

Restricting my liquid intake to water only

Sleeping in bondage cuffs

Wearing ‘slut panties’ not being allowed to take them off at all for several days (the same pair) including in the shower (washing them with me in the shower).

Not being allowed to play for several days

Spanking myself on cam for You

Master made me write this for Him. i wrote them in no particular order, but He has told me that He has put them in order from minor to major... And hasn't shown me the order...

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