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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

falling in love...

Sir: My pretty slave girl
kslave: My Master...
Sir : yes I am
kslave: i'm soo fucked
Sir: why is that?
kslave: i don't wanna say
Sir: tell me
kslave: cause there isn't a piece, a tiny dark corner, even the little secret ones i keep locked away, of my heart that You haven't touched. There isn't a fiber of my being left that doesn't love You, that isnt willing to do anything for you.

i wasn't supposed to fall in love with Him. i didn't want to let it get that far. i kept a part of myself shut off, guarded from Him, so that i didn't. That didn't last long. Master passed over my walls, broke through them, and has left me open, raw and fully His. i don't know why i expected otherwise. i read somewhere before W/we met that a slave cannot help but fall in love with Master, it is part of the bond that forms. The things W/we do are too intense, to intimate, to relying on trust.

"Why would you not want to fall in love with your dominate, master, mistress, or owner? I mean there are all different types of love.. and honestly I don't think it is possible to trust them, if you don't love them. You have to open your heart enough to trust the person you are going to allow to control you in some form or fashion, and in the process I believe you have to love them on some level."

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