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Sunday, May 10, 2009


i will spend 5 min naked kneeling in Nadu after waking.
i will ask for permission from Master to use the restroom.
Master will tell me what panties (if any) to wear the following day.
i will take my butt plug, smart balls and vibrator with me where ever I go.
i will ask Master what I will be allowed to have for lunch.
i will chat with Master everynight as allowed. my chat end time will be 10:00 during the week, and 11:00 on Friday and Saturday.
i will be in bed and lights out by 11:00 during the week and 12:00 on Friday and Saturday, unless told otherwise by my Master
i will spend 10 min naked in Nadu (Mon,Wed,Fri), Sula (Tues), Bara (Thur),Belly (Sat),She Sleen (Sun)
Master will help me in my clothing purchases.

This is the list of guidelines that i have been given by Master. Not exactly a contract (although i have been told that one may be coming when He is down here Memorial day weekend). This came after the bad weekend where i refused to do as i was told... I'll post that soon. Being that i am a LD slave and that i need tight boundaries, Master set this up for me to keep me on track and centered despite what has been going on during the day. i try to do my best in keeping to this, although things have a tendency to get in the way.. Like the fact that He changed offices and now i can't talk to Him at work like i was able to before, so it is hard to call to ask permission to go to the bathroom everytime i need to when He is all busy, or on the weekends.

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