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Saturday, May 09, 2009


i am Master W's little slave girl. i am 22 years old and in a D/s relationship with a married man that lives a couple hundred miles away from me. O/our relationship is complicated to say it best... And yet i wouldn't trade it. i am a slavish-submissive, as Master puts it... A submissive that requires a great amount of control and attention. i am an attention whore, definitely, but Master doesn't seem to mind. There is something that feels so wonderful to me about giving up my control to Him. Just as it feels wonderful to sink to my knees in front of Him, to give myself to Him. i wonder everyday why me, why my submission He chooses to take. And why He considers Himself lucky to have my submission.
Yes it is a LDR. And yes W/we, especially i, struggle with this everyday. but W/we are fighting to make it work. Apparently i'm worth it....

slave girl k

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  1. I started following your blog recently, but I figured I should go back to the beginning to get a better idea of what's going on. Very interesting start with this post. I look forward to catching up. :)