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Sunday, October 02, 2011


I left for my vacation with the intention of spending some quality time with my family for a few days and then visiting Daddy for a day and a night to play and hang out...

 Well.. Nothing ever really works out as planned, I guess....

Quality time with my family is hard to come by. My parents are divorced. My dad is the kind of person that never really learned how to express emotions *especially* to an emotionally dependent and impressionable daughter. We barely talked while I was there. My step mother and step sister and I went out for some girl time and returned to pick my father up for dinner, which he refused to go to in favor of watching a pregame show. I left soon after we got back from dinner, and when I was leaving, he seem surprised. But I no desire to sit and watch football and be ignored...

Spending time with my mom was good, though it caused concern cause thought she's only 53, she is showing signs to older age. She is easily upset by change or sudden events, anxiety ridden when in public outside of her job. She's getting pretty forgetful and paranoid about things because she is aware of her memory issues.

My brother and his wife came over for dinner. I think this was the most disappointing part of my weekend, as the three of us exchanged maybe 5 sentences total between us and then they left, after only an hour. I only get to visit like once every 4 months or so, so I was really frustrated by this...

Spending time with Daddy was nice, though we didn't get to go to dinner like we had planned, do to me having an upset tummy. We hung out, went to a movie, did a little shopping. We did play a little, some flogging (he got to play with my horse hair flogger and discovered he really liked it) and play with vampire gloves. I was high and floaty and slept like a fregging rock. I woke up to a delicious breakfast. But many of the things I really wanted to do didn't happen, mostly cause i was exhausted and feelin a bit under the weather.

so I am back now, and have been for a week, but have been busy doin a bunch of different things. I plan to post again in the next couple of days as my head has been spinning with ideas and as of yet unexplored kinks. But I'm behind in my classes at Uni and Daddy has threatened punishment if I don't fix that...

Love and Kisses


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  1. Sometimes I don't think that anything ever really works out like we want it to with family.
    Good luck with your classes!