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Monday, August 08, 2011

I feel you on top of me, sliding, grinding... Your skin's so hot on mine. Every touch, every kiss sends bolts of electricity through every inch of my body. You shove inside and my back arches, hips rising to meet your touch. My fingers, hands find your back, cling to you for support. We seek and find a steady rhythm quickly. Your hands pin my wrists down as your mouth bites at my neck. Your body crushes me, hips grinding into my cunt bruising me.

I snarl and growl trying to reach you, trying to buck. Suddenly you have me pinned with only one hand, and the other pulls, twists and pinches my nipple. Your mouth clamps down on the breast, bruising instantly. My body writhes for you, legs wrapping around your waist. Your teeth bite down, hard, I can feel them just barely pierce my skin. My cries are lost under your growl like moans.

You pull out, rise to your knees and flip me over. You pull a pillow underneath me, pin my legs around it. I feel the touch of warming, tingly gel touch my asshole, and it clenches in response. Your finger is there, pressing, massaging. You pin me down again, trapping my legs inside of yours, pressing your cock into my ass. And as you press, my clit grinds against the pillow, sending waves of pleasure through my body. Your head pops in and you take it as a cue to give way to passion. The faster and harder you press into my ass, the more my clit grinds, the tigher my muscle clench.

I'm cumming underneath you before i realize it, screams muffled by the bed, fists clenching around sheets. You've lost yourself control now, but it doesn't matter. Pain is lost in the intensity of the pleasure riding my body. You slam in and out of my ass, harder and faster now.

You stop, pulling away for just a moment. Back before I have a chance to complain, you shove a vibrating egg in to replace your cock in my ass. You pull me up to my knees, shoving violently into my throbbing cunt. Your head its my cervix with every stroke. There's no rhythm now, to caress. I am just the flesh you pound into. You don't notice my orgasms, scorching me like fire. My screaming is lost behind the animalistic moans
escaping from deep in your throat. 

One of your hands grips my hip, the other on my shoulder pulling me back on to you, harder and harder. One, two more deep strokes and i feel you start to spasm. Your fingernails dig into me, pulling me up against your chest as you start to cum, you teeth sinking into my neck and my tight clenching cunt milks every last drop of cum out of you...

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