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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Girl Sex Fantasy Part 1

She was laid out in front of me, like a feast table. Her Mistress had bound her to the bed, wrists extend tied with rope to the head board. She was blindfolded, but not gagged, and she was already letting little sighs of anticipation escape her lips. I couldn’t help but stare. How was it that I was lucky enough for this night?
Her Mistress sat in a chair off to the side of the room, black leather boots extending above her knees. The short black skirt left the middle of her thighs bare and low cut shirt teased me with the tops of her full chest. I was drooling…
She gestured to me to climb from my spot on the floor to the bed next to her lovely girl. My instructions had been clear. I started at the top, fluttering little kisses over her face, across her cheek down to her neck. I found the spot where her neck met her shoulder and licked the spot, rewarded by her shiver. I nibbled that spot, bit just a little harder, and she moaned. I was in heaven.
My hands roamed freely, encouraged by her reactions. For the first time, I touched her soft skin, rolling her hard nipples under my palms. I pinched her left nipple softly, and as her back arched, I lowered my mouth to her right nipple. My tongue tingled as I touched it the first time, flicking back and forth, and then circled it. She wriggled beneath me, panting just a little.  My lips enclosed her nipple, and I began to suck, and nip at her flesh. My hand trailed down across her beautiful curves, tracing between her thighs.
Smooth skin met my finger tips. She spread her legs wide, whimpering, wiggling toward my touch. I could not deny her. I moaned as my fingers found her already wet between those lips. I tugged at them gently before finding her clit and using one finger to trace around it over and over. 

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