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Sunday, January 30, 2011

There comes a time when you just have to realize that you are being left behind, phased out. Communication slowly falters, then stops altogether. Its not really anyone's fault. Each side gets busy, has more things going on. Other activities, more things occurring in life that most take precedence over the relationship. More things to do, to think on. Every type of relationship can be subject to this type of change. I've lost touch with many friends, seen intimate relationships crack and break.
I get frustrated when i see this process start to happen, yet i know that i have no real way of stopping it. Without seeming clingy or needy, i feel i have no real way to voice my concerns about these issues. And i know that i, too, have been guilty of ignoring, or not having time for people in my life. 
So what can i say now to you, when i know that you are slipping away? Your life is busy, and so is mine. We have no real way for contact, other than the moments that we carve out to give each other, which seem to happen less and less. We live in different cities, and for the most part, we lead different lives. Do i let you slip back into the oblivion of souls? One of the 100+ people that i see in passing, whether on a game, at work, or on facebook? And how do i come to terms with such a happening, when i feel so strongly about who you were in my life?
Recently, feeling nostalgic, I sought out people from my past, sent little messages, even a friend request. I have no idea if these few people have simply not check their messages, or have no desire to speak with me again. One of them, I haven't spoken to in over three years, and it hurts a little to look back on the memories that we shared and know that we have grown so far apart. 

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