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Sunday, December 26, 2010

In the new year..

There have been a lot of changes around the House of Reason lately, and many many things to think over.

Master and i opened our relationship. We both understand that there are many things that we are unable to provide for each other. i need a Daddy and more attention than one person can provide. Master needs another sub as well, one more interested in other things that i am not.. Though i don't necessarily feel comfortable disclosing that information here, as it is His decision to do so. He nows owns a business, and as is the case in such situations, is married to said business. While in the past i have had trouble with jealous in these situations, i find that is no longer the case. i feel secure in our relationship, secure in my place and what i mean to Him and like some of the pressure has been taken off of me- which is something that i desperately needed. This girl had the idea in the beginning that living as Master's submissive 24.7 would be this magical fairytale. I didn't expect the amount of work that would be involved in living here, or the amount of stress that being so far out of my comfort zone would bring.

This coming week marks the anniversary of Master collaring me. Oh what a year has done. This girl is more comfortable in her skin, gaining more comfort in her submission, and shedding the old skin of her past. More changes are in the future, for that can not be helped. But rather than looking toward the future with fear or apprehension, i am looking forward with a warm heart and a positive spirit.

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