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Friday, December 31, 2010

Goals for 2011

I hate New Year's resolutions. No one ever sticks to them. I think its ridiculous to say that i will diet more, eat less, lose 30 pounds, stop smoking... I think most of the reasons these things fail is that they are about restriction, about losing some bad habit or another. Its hard to stick to those sorts of things. And i figure if it was something you really wanted to do, you would have done it already...
So i have always thought it was better to set positive goals to accomplish, that are specific, with a clear plan on how to accomplish those goals.

1. Save $530 by the end of 2011. I started a Certificate of Savings with this past paycheck. It started out with $50 and i plan to add $20 every paycheck. It is required to deposit $15 a month. The nice thing about this certificate is that once the money is added, it isn't able to be removed. After the year is up, it can be rolled over, or simply deposited into my account. It will mature on December 23, 2010. So a nice Christmas bonus?

2. Improve wardrobe. Who doesn't love a good excuse to go shopping? In all honesty, my clothes are better suited for a teenager than a soon to be 25 year old adult. Shirts are too small, skirts are too short (don't get me wrong i love short skirts- but for parties, not for class)... And i could definitely use some pretty undies. And my old worn out tennis shoes need to go. Planning on cleaning out my closet, taking the things that don't fit or i won't wear to goodwill and taking a more grown up approach to my wardrobe... Except the knee high socks... :P... Planned budget? About $250 from various paychecks and school money in February.

3. A continued emphasis on meditation. The bit that i have been doing has helped improved my temperament, my inner stability, and my ability to deal with the emotions that i feel from other people. I would like to continue this process, possibly scheduling into my day like i would classes and work.

I know that i am free to add to this list as i feel necessary and as things occur.

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