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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day nine: ten ways to win your heart.

1. Send flowers for me to my work for no good reason.

2. Give me one of your shirts to sleep in so i wont miss you so much. Make sure it smells like you first.

3. Take time to figure out what i like with out having me spell it out for you.

4. Listen when i talk.

5. Cook me dinner just because

6. Make me a mix cd or play listen.

7. Support me. Let me cry sometimes.

8. Ignore me a little. I love it when we stay in touch but sometimes its good to miss you too. Somedays i like to be ignored just a little bit,

9. Be controlling, show me my place, but understand when i simply can't handle just being used.

10. Be open and honest with me. If you can't answer a question, tell me why. If a rule is important please tell me how so.

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