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Sunday, June 06, 2010

20 questions

stolen from Bunny Ramblings..

1.Your role?

24/7 submissive.
2. Current relationship?
Collared. Owned. Grateful, loved.
3. Your favourite type of play?
floggings, pretty bondage, puppy
4. Your most hated type of play?
currently: public humiliation
5. The most annoying habit of your Owner?
He chews on his thumb all the time
6. Your deepest fear?
That he will leave me because i am still young and growing up and he is used to older women
7. Your most memorable public experience?
The XXX-mas bizzarre scenes- both the hardcore flogging and sunburn from the spotlight and the cutting later.

8. What gets you in the mood?
His kisses or nibbles on my neck and earlobe.

9. Favourite method of masturbation?
*blushes* with a pillow or stuffed animal....

10. Scariest thing you've seen or heard of in BDSM land?

11. Number of hours you spend on iFet when you should be doing other things?
not nearly as many as i used to

12. Thing that was hotter in fantasy than it was in reality?

13. Most longed-for experience?
right now? a blood heavy scene. being drenched in a combo of his blood and my blood. Maybe a sharing of blood...

14. Ouchiest toy?
that stupid bloody wooden paddle that Master W bought me forever ago

15. Book or movie that every newbie has to read/see?
The Secretary, Screw the Roses, Give me the Thorns, SlaveCraft

16. Thing you'd most like to change about yourself?
My fear and self doubt

17. Thing you're most proud of?
Wearing his collar.

18. Funniest Dom name you've ever heard?
Lord Wraith

19. Do your friends and family know?
Most of my friends know, and i told my mother straight out. I think a few others at least have some idea

20. Is 20 questions too many?
What kind of question is this?

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