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Monday, April 12, 2010


i'm bound in an X shape. Arms tied by wrists above my head in a V. Legs tied in the same way, spread out. I just barely have my footing, unable to move, unable to escape. Naked for anyone who cares to watch. Theres a light shining on my back, illuminating my shape. My eyes are downcast, i feel shy, staring at the floor, rather than face the gathering crowd. I watch your shoes come in to my vision. I can see my face, distorted, looking back up at me from the high shine, polished by my hand earlier in the night. I swallow hard as you lift my chin to face you, to meet your eyes. In that moment, it doesn't matter that we are the same height, you seem so big to me, so overwhelming, overpowering. Just like that, you're gone again...

The first strike lands across my shoulders. Over and over the heavy flogger falls against me. Over and over the pain comes. You change tools. This flogger offers more bite, starts the next level pain. Over and over i fall for you, the ropes holding more and more of my weight.

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