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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


i think its part PMS, part the icky way i have been feeling lately, and part nerves about moving, but i am one emotion wreck tonight. I've started balling 5 different times in the last 4 hours, over things mostly random and normally harmless... Glee made me cry, House made me cry, packing made me cry. I can't get myself straight today. I hate that Master is so far way. Its not fair to miss him so much when i just saw him Sunday night. I'm ready to move. But at the same time i'm nervous has hell. Its such a big change...

Oh.. Wish me luck. I have a job interview tomorrow afternoon


  1. Hope that everything works out for you. Good luck. How did the job interview go?


  2. Good luck, and you are not alone with the emotions - i am currently going through a phase where i can cry at almost anything, only the phase has been going on a while and though it is mostly gone, i still have days (like today) when everything is blown out of proportion in my head.