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Sunday, March 07, 2010

work week, and panties!

So, I skipped this week's Tantalizing Tuesday entry, and haven't posted in a week. Anybody miss me? :P

I've been a bit overwhelmed at work, doing performance reviews (giving and receiving), putting out fires, dealing with lost orders, and other things. It left be quite stressed. And the stressed was making me a bit sick, so i took naps in the afternoon after work when i would normally have spent time blogging or cleaning or some such. Master had been in the same boat, cept not with work. His grandmother died, and though it was not totally unexpected, it was still hard.

I've been emotional (PMSing) on top of all that this weekend. But Master has been very supportive, helping to steady me and center me, the best that he can considering he has been on the road for his job the past couple of days. We worked on some 'training' and talked about things affecting me. All in all its left me a little sub spacy.

This morning Master got me up early, worked me through my exercise routine, and picked out my clothes for me. Then sent me shopping for sexy underwear. I only am allowed panties during my period, but Master still wanted them sexy. So after three stores, i came home with 6 pairs. 2 pairs of blue bikinis, 1 blue thong, 1 gray thong, 1 dark blue extra ruffled boyshorts, and 1 pair of white panties. The white ones aren't for my period, they are for little time. We are working on getting me a catholic school girl outfit. Master has promised more shopping over spring break. I need a new bra, and a few summery dresses as well.

The rest of my afternoon i think i will devote to finishing my cleaning that i started yesterday and maybe work on a sculpture or painting? haven't decided on that yet.

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