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Sunday, March 21, 2010


I returned tonight from my 9 day retreat to home. To be honest, i'm not entirely sure what i should post here at the moment. I wanted to come back from vacation with a hot hot story to post about some amazing scene that was had, or really hot sex, but i can't. Yes, good sex was had, but nothing i want to post about. No major obstacles were overcome. There was no scene. No trip to anywhere. Things were... mudane. Normal. Domestic. And i think thats okay.

I think i'm going through a downshift in desire and libido. I don't really want sex. Or pain. Or anything... I can think of nothing i crave, desire, want... Or don't want. A state of neutrality maybe?Apatheticness? *shrug*

Tomorrow is back to the normal routine at work, and life goes on as normal.

Anyone have anything sexy to share?

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