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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Last night Master, Pia, and i attended the Torture Chamber. We went with high expectations. We knew that the first level was a mini horror convention, and that it was open to all ages with some very heavy metal music. We went upstairs to the VKP (very kinky person) section, and looked around for a bit. Master was skeptical, but soon forgot to be when i volunteered to get into one of the cages they had set up. It had a doggie bed in the bottom, but i was instructed to remain free of puppy space until told otherwise. I've always been afraid of cages as i'm slightly claustrophobic. Its not a hard limit, just a discomfort. But i knew it would please him, and i was most of the reason we even went to the party, so i volunteered to be in the cage mostly naked- my nips were taped over and i had to have panties on still, as it was a public venue.
At first, no one really paid me any attention, as someone was on an inversion table, getting some swats from a couple of women. As that crowd dissipated, a pretty blond turned to my Master and asked if she was allowed to do anything other than observe. When he asked what she had in mind, she told him that she wanted me to lick her boots. i have never been made to serve another in any capacity, and haven't had a lot of D/s contact with strangers, so i was nervous. He asked if i wanted to, and i shook my head. Of course, that made him want me to do it all the more, and the top of the cage was lifted so that she could stick one long leg with a beautiful almost knee high leather boot in my cage. I bowed down and proceeded to lick and clean her boot as i would my Master's feet, knowing i was serving him, pleasing him, in the process. I had floated away into that serving space rather nicely until she pulled on my hair a bit and told me to look her in the eye as i cleaned her boots. I started at the bottom, and would make eye contact with her as i worked my way up, first licking, then wiping the boot clean with my face. Afterward, she told me what a good girl i was and petted me a bit.
The cage top went back down and i stayed there, quiet for a little while. People looked, but didn't interfer too much. There was another little crowd of people that showed up then, and had called me a kitty. Master corrected that i was a puppy, and had tried to make it clear that i wasn't a pup, but a slave at the moment, but they didn't really get the hint. So, he gave in with "Missy, speak!"*ark ark* The pup was.. well not out of the cage, but.. ya know. The noise attracted more people, though they kept a distance for the most part, except for a woman with leather gloves that had a soft spot for puppies. She gave me pets and scritches told me i was a good girl.
I remember being in the middle of trying to get the attention of a friend of ours when Master pulled me out of space to introduce me to someone. Then he let me out of the cage altogether, and i was allowed to stretch my legs a bit. We went back in the main area of socialization (still upstairs), and got some water.
We were chatting with people, when Master spied the pretty blond from earlier, and told me to ask her permission to do the other boot. I refused at first, embarrassed at doing it free from the cage and in front of more people. I argued a bit, but he wasn't giving in, so i approached her. I pointed out to her that she was unbalanced, and asked if i could be allowed to do her other boot. She was happy to comply. I went to work cleaning the second boot, much as i had the first, until she pulled me up by my hair and told me what a good girl i was and rewarded me with a kiss on the lips! I was a bit shocked, but not objectionable.
We went home shortly after this, as Master was tired of screaming over the music to have a conversation and made rounds to say goodbye. On our way out, he had someone take a picture of him on this throne thing with Pia and i crawling up to him. It was hot.
So the entire night was not a total bust. I enjoyed myself a bit, and Master made some connections, and renewed some old connections.
Today i get to drive myself back home before the weather gets icky, and go back to the everyday life that seems to intrude upon things i would rather be doing :D

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