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Sunday, February 14, 2010

I awoke in a room so dark there was no need for a blind fold. The velvety darkness surrounded my senses like a living thing. I struggled against the ties at my wrists and ankles, but could not free myself. The air in the room was warm against my naked flesh, and the floor was a soft carpet. I tried to remember what brought me to this place. I remembered the bar, flirting with a few men, one of them bringing me a drink, then darkness and waking in this place.
I am not sure how long I laid, alternating between attempting to free myself of the bonds that locked my ankles and wrists together in front of me, and remembering to breathe as small bouts of panic washed over me.
I cringed as soft light blinded me as a door opened. Two sets of hands picked me up by hands and legs and carried me into that light. I blinked hard and fast to look at my captors, my heart racing. The men both wore black button down shirts and black pants. They gripped my so tightly, so securely that I did not gain an inch of freedom despite all my thrashing.

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