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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Internal Enslavement....

Internal Enslavement aims to develop practical techniques which use detailed examination of a slave's thoughts, emotions and past experiences to establish and maintain a solid and inescapable state of ownership. This is achieved through control of the slave's psychological states, in contrast to External Enslavement, Slavery which is made inescapable by physical forces rather than the slave's internal psychological state. Legally or socially enforced slavery is an example of External Enslavement.
natural slave
A Natural Slave is a person for whom slavery can be better than freedom, since they have the capacity to experience less Reactance when living in that condition, without the depression normally associated with psychological Helplessness. Thus they are suited to slavery by their nature - by some inherent quality of their psychological makeup.

Reactance is basicly the theory that when someone is threatened with loss of freedom, they fight to retain that freedom.

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  1. i know this is what is happening to me and i struggle with fighting it and giving in...