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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Advice for new submissives

What advice would you give a new submissive just exploring her submissive self?

Read as much as you possibly can from both sides of the lifestyle Dom and sub. But dont believe everything you read.
Dont trust that BDSM porn is real
follow you gut instincts about people. if your instinct says no, dont fight it.
Dont trust everyone you talk to online. take time to establish trust
Keep an open mind to exploring things and never say 'i will never do this' because limits expand and change as we grow as submissives.
learn to open your eyes to new play things that stem from household objects... wooden spoons, clothespins and scarves can all make excellent play toys.
Dont be afraid to admit that you are learning and are new. New flesh has a tendency to excite some Masters, as they get to train you. And there is no point in claiming to be experienced and then getting in way over your head cause you lied.
speak up. there is nothing wrong with using a safe word if you feel uncomfortable or getting a safe call. nor is there anything wrong with telling your Dom/me or top that You dont want to be flogged until He/She has learned to use the damned thing. Using toys with out experience can get you hurt.
Dont be too shy, or too slutty at first. you can't meet people until you get out there.
And finally... Never judge yourself by someone else. There isn't really a set standard for D/s and every relationship is different. and thats okay...

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