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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Weathering the Storm

the rain beat the windows and the thunder made me jump. i was shaking in the big t-shirt i wore to bed each night, wide awake. As quietly as i could, i crept out of bed and down the hall to the room next door. The door was already cracked, and the next bolt of lightening and clap of thunder shocked away my last hesitation. Mom was away on a business trip again and Daddy was sprawled on His stomach in the middle of their bed snoring softly, the sheets kicked down to the end of the bed. Soft blue boxers were the only thing that kept Him from being completely naked.

i stepped lightly over to the bed and stared down as the room was lit by another flash. Daddy was a handsome man with a soft smile and eyes to always looked down at me with tenderness. But no longer was i allowed to curl up in His lap, as i had when i was a child. Mom had said i was outgrowing such childish things, but i think she was jealous more than anything that Daddy reacted to me in His lap and not her. i was not ignorant to the hardness in His pants the last time i sat there. It just didn't bother me. i was delighted that someone thought my soft curves were beautiful.

"Daddy," i whispered in the suddenly quiet room, nervous that He wouldn't let me crawl into bed with Him.

His eyes popped open in the darkness, and His head rose only slightly. "Sunshine? What's the matter?"

i bit my bottom lip as i looked at Him gazing up at me in the near-darkness, worry playing on His brow. "Can i sleep in here, Daddy? The storm is keeping me awake."

"Mom would never allow it," He said even He moved over to make room for me.

i slipped in and cuddle up next to Him as He wrapped strong arms around me. Again, i jumped and gasp as the thunder outside clapped, the sound filling the quiet house. As Daddy ran fingers through my hair comforting me, i pressed closer to Him, breathing in His familiar scent, becoming more aware that i was in just a t-shirt, and He was just in boxers. my breasts pressed against Him, and He kissed my forehead. i could feeling Him growing hard, and as He started to pull away from me, i clung to Him. This was the subject of so many of my fantasies at night, as my hands and fingers worked at my own body.

Daddy looked down at me with a torn expression on His face, debating His desire for His young step-daughter and knowledge that it was taboo to want me this way. i tilted my face up to Him, pressing my lips against His, yielding as He did, opening my mouth to His tongue, kissing Him back. There was no hiding the bulge in His boxers now.

His hand slid down my back to my hip to the edge of my shirt and then underneath it to rest just on my naked thigh. i moaned softly into His mouth, letting one hand run its fingers through Daddy's hair. Suddenly, He lost is inhibition and was pulling at my night shirt, tugging it over my head to expose my breasts underneath. He pushed on top of me, mouth hovering just above one nipple, eyes gazing up at me. i squirm under His breath, the new sensation making me squirm. He flicked His tongue over the tip once, then again, making me arch toward His mouth.

"Oh, babygirl, Your body is so soft and sensitive..." He said right before His mouth closed over me and i moaned aloud at the feeling. He suckled at my nipple and i twined my hand in His hair, the other gripping His shoulder, squirming underneath Him. One hand firmly gripped my other breast, while the other trailed down my body again, against my hip and then the mound between my legs.

"Open your legs for me sunshine," He cooed.

i blushed brightly, but did as He asked. His finger slid against my slit, already wet and i shivered into His touch. He found my clit and rubbed it with one finger as He sucked hard on my nipple, then bit down gently. i cried out, and clung to Him.

He pulled His hand away and moved between His legs, pulling off His boxers at the same time. "Are you sure about this, sweetheart?"

"Yes Daddy, i've wanted this for a long time," i moaned again as His hand slid between us and one finger found my tight hole. He pressed on it just a little, wiggling His finger around, and my back arched as He stretched me out just a little, making wider circles, the tip of His finger rubbing against my inner barrier as He did.

"Still a virgin, my little one... This will hurt you." He looked down at me with love and concern and moved His hand away. He spread my legs wider as He moved into between them, His hard cock poised at my opening, barely against me.

i reached up and kissed Him on the mouth, mimicking His tongue darting and swirling. It encouraged Him and He began pressing into me. It hurt as He stretched me, seeming to fill me too full, and then He was at my hymen and still pushing. i clung to Him, and cried out as He thrust through.

He stopped and held still when He was all the way in, staring down at me. "You okay, babygirl?"

All i could manage was a nod. And then He was moving in and out, slowly at first and then faster. It felt like He would break me in two. But it felt good too.

"Daddy... Oh Daddy..." i moaned and He pushed into my cunt a little harder, feeling it grow slick with my juices and give into Him.

"Babygirl, you're so tight. My little girl..." i watched His face as he lost himself in me, pulling all the way out, then shoving back in, hitting the back of my pussy, His hands under my ass, pulling me up to meet Him.

i felt the pressure building, the pleasure building with in, tightening me more and i moaned underneath Him. i brought up my hips to meet Him, still feeling too full, but finding the pleasure in that.

"Please Daddy... Please fuck me, fuck Your little girl, Daddy..." i begged Him the same way i had heard Mom beg Daddy through the walls late at night when they thought i was asleep. He groaned above me and did fuck me then- hard and fast.

i felt orgasm start to erupt in me as Daddy slammed into and burst, filling me with His come and i cried out as He groaned and held on to me.

"Oh, my little girl, my sunshine, my baby..." He collapsed on top of me, still buried deep, and let me cling to Him.

i didn't even notice that the storm had passed.

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