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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Slutty evil Twin?

Sir: what would My slave like to know?
kslave: what things were like from Your prespective
kslave: what Your thoughts are, Your feelings
kslave: i remember sensations... and alot of ohmygodsohmyMaster
kslave: but hardly what actually happened
kslave: i dont remember anything i said
Sir: was...empowering for me...the level of trust you had
Sir: as for what you said
Sir: I think I would burn out the computers
Sir: i think along the lines of "fuck this slut Master, please fuck this slutty bitch
Sir: things along those lines
Sir: quite..ummmm...surprising shall we say
Sir: lol...i just let it roll off of me
kslave: it was my evil slutty twin
Sir: and concentrated on holding your throat and fucking you with the dildo
Sir: yea..the "evil twin" theory huh
kslave: okay, so go back to the first part
Sir: thats your story and youre sticking to it?
kslave: enough about me
Sir: yes?
kslave: i want to know what You were thinking, how it made You feel, what You think now
Sir: I was actually having to pull back on the throat
kslave: oh'?
Sir: you were pulling my hand onto your throat
kslave: i dont remember that
kslave: i remember seeing stars
Sir: as far as thinking at the time..mostly concentrating on your body signals
kslave: things being gray and red
kslave: what do You mean?
kslave: concentrating on them for what?
Sir: making sure you got enough air
Sir: when you were ready for your orgasm
Sir: making sure my arm didnt cramp and fall off
Sir: lol
kslave: which one?
Sir: the one I was fucking you with....its sore today
Sir: and my shoulder\
kslave: im sorry
kslave: W/we shouldnt have...
kslave: i didnt think about...
Sir: so there were a lot of things to concentrate on
Sir: you were the one in the throes of bliss
kslave: yea....
Sir: and that was my job to play with you
kslave: and after? now?
Sir: as far as how it made me feel
kslave: You said it was empowering?
Sir: it made me happy..and yes, empowering, from the level of trust and the fact that you had completely abandoned any sense of self preservation
Sir: your everything was in my hands
kslave: yea
kslave: and i felt safer than i ever have
Sir: as far as how I feel now...I dont really know..I havent really processed it
Sir: if that makes sense
kslave: You were skeptical before W/we did it, You didnt think i was ready
Sir : I didnt think you were reasy
Sir : ready
Sir : but I think you proved me wrong
kslave: oh?
Sir : unless there is something negative that comes out of it at a later time
kslave: i had a dream last night
Sir: oh?
kslave: about You as i often do
Sir : was I good?
kslave: duh but my dream i was wrapped up in You Your legs were pinning mine down one hand held my wrists the other was around my throat, not grasping hard not putting any pressure just resting there as You slid in an out of me
Sir : ahhh...we shall see next time then

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