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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A year old

One year ago as of this weekend, Master and i had our first date. A date that lasted three days. I went into it expecting a little slap and tickle, a little fucking, and wound up a devoted submissive. There was an initial magnetism for me, a need to please, to service, to be... owned.

As we will never get married, we celebrated the beginning this weekend. Nothing special really. Cooked steaks and ate at the dinner table for once (something i think i want to do a bit more often) and talked about how far things have come.... I also read back into the beginnings of my blog and really saw how different i am now, how much i have changed, grown. Master has too. I didn't really notice it happening, but i can see it now, when i look back. Last night, for example, i didn't ask permission to sleep in my Master's bed. I asked to sleep on the floor next to him because it put me more in touch with my submission, something i cherish dearly.

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