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Saturday, September 04, 2010


There's a naked red-headed girl hanging from a beam so her feet just touch the floor. She's blindfolded, and gagged. I'm naked too, but i don't feel so exposed, after all, i'm not hanging up, the center of the show, so to speak. Master's waiting near by as i pull out the floggers, the whips, lining them all up for him. He rises as i sit in front of the girl, my face just below her warm pussy, shaved except a pretty fluffy little red heart just about her clit. Landscaping?

He starts to flog her, big thuddy strokes first, and she whimpers just a little. That whimper turns to a small moan as my fingers brush the outer lips of her cunt, just a teasing a little. As Master continues with the flogging, and the hits come faster with the heavy buffalo flogger, my fingers tentatively find their way to her clit, rubbing it in small circles. I can smell her juices so close to my face, so tempting. He pauses, changing weapons, and i kneel down in front of this girl, my inner slut finding it hard to resist tasting her. She gives a startled little yelp as he hit her with a thinner, much stingier tool.

My face is equal to her cunt now, and i can feel the heat coming off of her. My tongue darts out and her hips shift, seeking pleasure to mix with her pain. i flick my tongue over her outer lips, just a promise of a kiss, a promise of what could come. Masters flogger strikes her harder and her yelp turns to a scream. I use my fingers to separate her outer lips to flick my tongue over her tiny clit, before gently taking it between my teeth. My attention fades from her moans and screams, to the hot wet dripping cunt in front of me. Sucking vigorously on her clit, i slide one finger inside her, searching for that sweet spot. Her juices start to flow down my hand as i fuck her with one finger, then add another. Her skin's smooth under my tongue, and i feel her flex, starting to fuck my mouth, my hand. My tongue works in circles over her clit, sucking hard, while i add a third finger that the slut receives very easily. Vaguely i hear her screaming, but i'm not sure if its because of me or Master. Her muscles tense and she cums over my hand, into my mouth, and i greedily suck up every drip.

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